Being First Shows at Centrebet

In 1996 Centrebet became the first licensed bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere to offer online sports betting. There is something to be said for their forward thinking; and that moxy and innovation sets the tone throughout your entire betting experience at Centrebet. They have succeeded in creating an online sports book that can be tailored to every level of client; from the novice punter to the high level bookie. Furthermore, their extensive sports coverage and extremely varied betting combinations is virtually unbeatable.

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You're in Good Hands at Centrebet

Safety and security must be the main concern when deciding where to put your hard earned money. You can rest assured that at Centrebet, privacy and security are at the foremost of their business. First of all, Centrebet has been registered on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1996, providing a level of accountability and transparency rarely found with a site such as this. Second of all, they are licensed in the Northern Territory Government's Racing Commission and a General Betting License in the UK.

Money in - Money Out - Couldn't be Easier

Second to privacy and security, it's critical to know that you can easily fund your account and even more easily and efficiently withdraw your winnings. You can choose from any number of payment methods to fund your account: bank transfer, BPAY, nab, Credit Union Transfer, Visa and Mastercard.

Getting Started at Centrebet

Looking to put some money down NOW? Centrebet's "Today's Events" section clearly lists what's next in the sporting world, and more importantly, how to get in on the action. Whether you like Cricket or Table Tennis, check out what's happening in the next 1 hour, 2 hours or up to 24 hours. This feature keeps the excitement rolling around the clock while keeping you constantly up to date on all global sporting events. You won't miss a bowl, pitch or goal at Centrebet.

World Wide Sports Coverage

Centrebet covers all the big name events from racing's UK Sunday at Carlisle to the American Superbowl. However, what makes Centrebet so unique and what makes it so beloved by the true sports enthusiast and wagerer, are the little events in between. Why not put a few dollars down on darts or floorball or motorbikes? For that matter; what the hell is Bandy? Centrebet provides regular opportunities to learn about new sports and then bet on them. That said, the standards are all covered, so you can cover the odds.

Horse, Harness, Greyhound - Oh My!

If you're looking for unparalleled racing coverage, with all the events, every combination, every level, Centrebet is your corner betting shop on steroids. From Australia to Singapore, you can place your bet easily and efficiently with Centrebet's state of the art bet slip. Whether you're looking for a Win and Place or Exacta, bet how you want, when you want, where you want.

Premier League or UEFA, SAS Ligaen or Apertura

It doesn't make a difference if you support only Manchester United or every league out there; at Centrebet, you'll find what you're looking for and more in the world of Football. Football is truly the number one global sport today and you need a place where you can tap into that globalism, but on your terms. In other words, the world is your personal oyster; slurp it, fry it, bake it just how you wish.

Centrebet - the Centre of the Betting World

The vibrant world of sports doesn't sleep or take a break so why should your sportbook? Centrebet covers it all for you 24/7, when you want it, where you want it. At Centrebet you can be sure that you're getting the best odds on each and every event each and every day. Furthermore, when you win, you need confidence that your money is there waiting for you so you can get right back in the game on the next big one. Centrebet is all that and more. The discerning Australian will place his bets with the knowledge and comfort that he's come home. Get your bet slip in now!

Centrebet for Australian Sports Betting