Play Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica at the Australian Online Casino

Time for the Australian online casino to prepare for the greatest show in the universe. Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica, the latest installment in the erotic Sneak a Peek series, is an Australian pokies game set in an intergalactic strip club featuring the sexiest exotic dancers from the known world and beyond. It also features alien bartenders, intimidating bouncers, and stacks of cash. Best of all, it features two bonus games that are unlike anything else found in the Australian online casino. The bonus games offer more than multipliers, which are enticing in and of themselves, but also erotic imagery that involves private shows from the buxom dancers, even if they are a bit alien in appearance.

Australian Pokies of a Different Sort

Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica is the third installment of the Sneak a Peek series, which adds adult elements to otherwise standard Australian pokies. The first part in the series targeted men and the second focused on entertainment for women. The third part, Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica is clearly back in the men's entertainment section. While there are many exciting elements that are common among other games in the Australian online casino, such as wilds, multipliers, and multiple pay lines that keep the winnings flowing, there is no doubt that that appeal of Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica goes well beyond the thrills associate with standard Australian pokies. The entertainment elements of the game, as with other Australian pokies in the series, clearly carve a special niche.

Something Different for the Australian Online Casino

The highlights of Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica are clearly the two bonus games. One of the games is launched when the Sneak a Peek logo, with the single unwinding zipper, appears in the first reel and a dancer appears in the corresponding slot on the fifth reel. When that happens, the dancer gives you a private show where you choose tile that contain clothes and when they match three times, she loses those articles. Of course, you also get your bet multiplied 10 times when that happens. The second game, known as the smooch game, is activated when three women's lips symbols appear at the same time. That launches a series of free spins where the winnings are multiplied. Both games include erotic elements that are mitigated by the cartoonish nature of the dancers and the intergalactic theme. Without a doubt, these are Australian pokies of a sort not usually found in the Australian online casino.

Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica