Land Based or Online Australia Casino

The Australian casino today is a far cry from what you used to find in Australia. Casino and casino games were always popular with the Australians but it was only in the past decade since the laws in many of the Australian states changed, did the real Australia casino boom start. Australia casinos are land based and online. There are some incredible land based Australia casino styles that you can find which include hotels, restaurants and even events halls all in the same complex. These are run well by highly trained staff and the Australian casino part is well managed with excellent options for all players.

The Australian Pokies at Australia Casinos

Pokies are one of the most popular games for the Australia casino players and at the land based and online casinos you can find a wide range of different pokies to play. Pokies come in two main styles, the 3 reel pokies and the 5 reel pokies, some with bonus games and some even with progressive jackpots where the machines are linked to give you enormous jackpots. The games that you find at Australia casinos do not stop just at the pokies although these are definitely the most popular and easy to play, they also offer a wide range of games which include poker options, video pokers, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many more exciting casino games.

Local Currency and Payment Options at Australian Casinos

The Australian casino offers a number of different advantages to its local players but what is very obvious is of course that you can play in your local Australian dollar. Playing at an Australia casino in your local dollars means that you do not lose out on any exchange rates and also you can place your bets using one of the local payment options that are offered. The convenience speaks for itself. Also at Australia casinos you can find customer service toll free numbers for Australia calls which means that if you are stuck or need some advice it will not cost you money to make the phone call. Some of the Australia casinos also offer excellent promotions which are geared to the Australian casinos and their players only making it a very attractive proposition for players from Australia. Whether you are interested in pokies or poker, Roulette or Keno lottery games you can find it all at an Australia casino together with local customer support and convenient payment options.

Australia Casino